The Beauty and Benefits of Metal Prints [OLD]

Metal Prints are sweeping the photography business! People love them and the finished images are striking and are relatively cost effective.

Metal Prints


  • Beautiful! ChromaLuxe™ metal prints are created by using a high-heat technology to fuse your image into aluminum metal for incredible visual depth and luminosity.
  • Durable! Minimal fading. Surfaces can be cleaned easily. Metal prints also work well in bathrooms since they do not absorb moisture.
  • Ready to Hang! Paper prints typically require additional expenses for matting, glare-free glass, and frames. Open the box and hang your new Metal Prints!
  • Many Sizes! Sizes range from 8×12 to 38×58, including many Panoramic options.

Metal HangerHeavy Duty Supports


Small prints ship with a basic hanger. Mid-sized prints come with a double hanger and reinforced rod.  Larger prints will come with a heavy duty stand-off frame.

Heavy Duty Stand-Off

  • The Heavy Duty option is made with high quality 1 inch square aluminum tubing
  • Adds strength and rigidity eliminating metal print “warp” problems
  • Complete metal print hanging solution, includes Z clip wall bracket and WallDog screws
  • Floats the print 1 inch off the wall creating a unique standout look

Gloss and Semi-Gloss Options

Many people like the Gloss finish, while the Semi-Gloss finish is often chosen for rooms with lots of windows and external light. Both look GREAT!

Relatively Quick Turn Around!

Place your order by adding your choices to the cart. Inside the cart, you can pick the size from the list. When I receive your order, I’ll upload the photo for printing at your chosen size. The fulfillment center will print the image, box, and promptly ship the order. The fulfillment center will ship any size order via Fed-Ex Ground (3-5 days) for $10. Mix or match sizes in one order!


All photos and artwork look best when properly lit! Go into any gallery and you’ll quickly see how much importance they place on their lighting. To show off your Metal Prints, consider lighting them with strip lights or any other directional light options!


My goal is to make these sales easy and as quick as possible. If you have any questions prior to placing an order using the Cart, please let me know. e-Mail Mike Jackson