About My Images

About Me

 Gtrowing up in Oklahoma, I always wanted to live in the mountains. In 1986, Darla I did just that, and after 34 years, we remain happy residents of Jackson Hole, WY. Just outside my door lies a couple of National Parks, several National Forests, the National Elk Refuge, and a several National Wildernesses. I spend my time roaming my chosen area looking for unique subjects, or “regular” subjects in great light! 

With a degree in Fine Arts in Painting, it was probably inevitable my photography would be affected by a constant pull in that direction. Over a period of time, I started feeling a standard photo capture “needed” the additional artistic touch. Over the years, I can “see” the artistic image possibilities—and not just a straight photo. It is difficult to explain, so maybe the images on the site will do the job for me.

Mike Jackson

About My Images

The initial image capture in my digital camera is just the first of three steps. The chosen images are then given an initial processing to clean up distractions and balance the light and colors. These two steps are actually quite mechanical, even though both require a fair amount of skill, effort, loss of sleep, and training. Step three allows the artist to take over. Without the constraints of trying to merely imitate nature and the shot I saw, I am able to deliver an image the way I want the viewer to see it. In some cases, the changes are subtle—but significant.

About My Equipment

Current Equipment: Nikon D5, Nikon D850, and Nikon D500 pro bodies. For lenses, I use a Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 wide angle lens, Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 mid-range zoom lens, and Nikon 200-400mm f/4 telephoto zoom lens. I also use a Tamron 150-600mm G2 lens, Sigma Sport 60-600mm lens, Tamron 18-400mm, and Sigma 24mm Art Lens.  When needed, I use a RRS carbon fiber, four piece tripod, and either an Arca Swiss Z-1 Ballhead or a Wimberley Full Gimbal head.