Miscellaneous Gallery

This gallery contains an eclectic mix of subjects and miscellaneous photos that do not easily fit in the normal “Wildlife & Landscapes” galleries. As I have time to add them, yoi’ll find more still life images, regional photos, textures, grunge, and some of the other fun stuff I like to photograph.

Western Gear

Western Gear

Over the years, I’ve collected a lot of “stuff” I can use to build this type of still life. This one was carefully lightpainted to highlight the details and texture.

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Stormy Night in Idaho

Stormy Night in Idaho

This page contains some of the images that don’t quite fit on some of the other pages. This image was taken during the “blue light” period as an impressive lightning storm passed by Ririe, ID. Eastern Idaho is still an active farming area, and the rail yards help move their products. 

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