Metal Prints

Stunning Brilliance 

ChromaLuxe™ metal prints are created by using a high-heat technology to fuse the image into aluminum metal for incredible durability, visual depth and luminosity.

Metal prints arrive by FedEx, ready to hang!

Sizes range from 9×12 to 38×58, depending on the image.

Passing Storm Mockup

Why Metal?

*No framing, glass, or mats needed.
*Metal Prints are durabble and easy to clean
*Available in gloss or lustre finishes

Hangers and Rigid Backing

The prices for each size print has the appropriate hanger or rigid backing element already applied. Note: You can opt to eliminate the hanger altogether if you would prefer to add your own custom frame.

Basic Hanger

This version works fine for prints up to 20″. The bracket is oriented to the top, whether the image is “portrait” or “landscape”. 

*Gives the prints a beautiful back finish
*Made of sturdy aluminum

Stand Out for Medium Sizes

Rigid Backing

This style backing and hanger is used for prints up to 30″.  This style backing is 1/2″ thick. 

*Mounts vary in size depending on size of metal print.
*Two mounts may be used on larger print.

Rigid Stand-off

This style stand-off hanger is for images 32″ and wider. 

*Made with high quality 1 inch square aluminum tubing
*Adds strength and rigidity eliminating metal print “warp” problems
*Includes movable sawtooth hanger attachments
*Floats the print 1 inch off the wall creating a unique standout look